About Us

FaktorInc is two of us - Damir Faktor (silversmith) and Karmela Faktor (visual artist, graduated at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam).

Since the early eighties we both have been studying different art disciplines, techniques and ways of expression.
For the last couple of years, our attention is focused on the art of jewellery making.

It is hard to pinpoint one thing that made us so passionate about jewels & beads.
As with almost everything in life - it is an all-inclusive process and really long story.

However, one thing is certain - there is something positively magical about an imaginative and skillfully made piece of jewellery.

As a wearable work of art, jewellery breaks a barrier that separates the wearer and the object.
The act of wearing it transforms, in a way, both - the person and the object.
It is one intimate, playful and intriguing relationship.
Such kind of interaction never cease to inspire us.

The history of beads, minerals and gemstones, their physical as well as metaphysical properties, their beauty - is an endless source of inspiration.

In our travels, we have seen beautiful remains of ancient cultures and their impressive spiritual heritage, their art, jewelry, beads and artifacts.
The craftsmanship, intensity and spiritual energy held by these objects, moved us deeply.
We find it a challenge and inspiration to work towards that kind of intensity in our contemporary designs.
It is our hope to create inspiring and enchanting pieces ... personal charms evoking glimpses of beauty, love, wisdom and joy.

We feel privileged to be able to keep on doing the things we love to do and things we do best - to freely create.
Universal thanks!

Thank you for taking interest in our story!

Karmela & Damir Faktor