glossary of jewelry and beading terms
A misinterpreted order can easily cause confusion, and consequently a loss of time, money, or even worst - a loss of trust.

To help prevent such inconveniences, please, refer to our glossary for any unfamiliar words, phrases and names you may encounter while viewing our site.

Although a work in progress, permanently under construction and far from being an all-inclusive reference, GLOSSARY OF JEWELLERY AND BEADING TERMS does contain a brief descriptions and/or general definitions of many jewellery terms and terms concerning related materials and techniques.

It also covers some words and phrases which may have a different or more specific meaning when used in jewellery making contest.

We have compiled it during many years, from many, various, online and offline sources.
Our gratefulness goes to all the jewellery and bead enthusiasts and to all the people who invested their time and energy in making all the information public and available.
Contact us if you have any questions, complains or need more information relating to this glossary or any particular term noted.