also called a genuine pearl

    is a pearl that was produced in an oyster, freshwater mussel or other mollusk as a reaction to a tiny invading object that happened to be caught inside its shell.

    In response to the irritation, the oyster secretes nacre, a combination of calcium carbonate and organic substances, which gradually builds up in layers around the irritant. Over a period of several years, this build-up of nacre forms a pearl.

    The size, shape, and color of the pearl are determined by a combination of factors, including the size and shape of the original irritant, whether the mollusk is living in salt or freshwater, and the geographic region where the mollusk lives.

    Natural pearls of any commercial value or desirability are extremely rare. Instead, since the early part of the 20th century, cultured pearls have supplanted natural pearls as the most common and available pearls.

    Natural pearls today tend to be found primarily among vintage and antique jewellery from estate sales, auctions, and so forth; in other words, among existing pearls rather than new ones.

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    a.k.a. Herringbone Stitch

    is a strong beading stitch that resembles small 'V' shapes making zigzag pattern.

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    is a general term for a variety of ornaments worn around the neck, often made of material of some value.
    Necklaces of different lengths have different names:

    - choker
    - is 35/40 cm or 14"/16" long;
    - princess necklace
    - is 45 cm or 18" long;
    - matinee necklace
    - is 55/58 cm 22"/23" long;
    - opera
    - is 75/88 cm or 30"/35" long;
    - rope
    - is over 100 cm or 40 " long.

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  • NEIHUA beads

    are Chinese glass beads painted from the inside.

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    is a beading stitch in which strands of beads, usually three or more, are sewn together in a loose fabric resembling a net.

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    is an extremely strong, lightly waxed nylon beading thread.
    It is a basic beading thread used for seed beadwork; it comes in a variety of colors and thickness, and tends to be slightly stronger and more resistant to fraying than silk.

    It is sized from from 00 (very fine) to F (very thick).

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